MFSO Steering Committee

National Coordinator
Pat Alviso
562-833-8035 or 562-597-3980

Jeff Merrick

Newsletter Coordinator
Paula Rogovin

Media & Website Coordinator
Melissa Castaneda

Media & Chapter Coordinator
Tim Kahlor

Rosssana Cambron

Veteran Support
Laurie Loving
Ed Garza

Gold Star Families
Marcia Westbrook

Rapid Response Team
Mary Hladky
Paula Rogovin
Pat Alviso

Steering Committee At Large
Marlene Alvarado
Kay McDill
Tina Lopez
Macgregor Eddy
Lorna Farnum
Meherbahn Khalsa
Barry Saks
Bill Scheurer

One thought on “MFSO Steering Committee”

  1. I am involved in a project which aims to rally the vast majority of American citizens behind ending the wars and reversing America’s military addiction. The strategy is like nothing that has ever been tried but judging from the anger and frustration of the public, there has never been a time like today, where everyday citizens are so hungry for and receptive to such an outside-the-box approach. It is spelled out step-by-step in rigorous detail in my book, The Peace Dividend: The Most Controversial Proposal in the History of the World.

    Please look at this to get a basic overview …

    Also, I just posted two more blogs promoting this strategy.

    The Peace Dividend: Could It Really Happen? ….

    Peace Dividend Candidates ….

    What prompts my radical approach? Very simple. Despite best intentions, the old methods and memes are not working. There is more war, more aggression by the U.S., more chaos, greater potential for nuclear annihilation than ever before.

    Sometimes we need to just admit when things are not having their intended effect, AND TRY SOMETHING NEW, something fresh, something WAY OUTSIDE-THE-BOX.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    PLEASE respond.

    John Rachel

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