Zero Troops in Afghanistan


The American people overwhelmingly agree:

ZERO Troops in Afghanistan!   Bring the War Dollars Home!    

            All of our troops can finally come home from Afghanistan in 2014, as promised, UNLESS the U.S. & Afghanistan governments sign the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA). The U.S. government is practically begging the Afghanistan government to let the U.S. military remain in Afghanistan until at least 2024! The American people in overwhelming numbers say NO! Bring the troops home! Bring the war dollars home!

The two leading presidential candidates in the April 5 election have agreed to sign the BSA agreement, but WE THE PEOPLE know the decision allowing American troops to remain in Afghanistan should not belong to either the new Afghanistan President nor President Obama – it belongs to the American and Afghan people.

We must tell President Obama:



  • Signing the on-line petition calling for ZERO Troops in Afghanistan!
  • Asking your organization to co-sponsor this petition.
  • Sharing the ZERO Troops in Afghanistan! petition on Facebook, twitter & other social media and “ comment, like and share”
  • E-mailing this flyer to your contacts & circulate in your community. Ask others to help
  •  Download Flyer
  • Calling or e-mailing President Obama: 202-456-1111.e-mail:  or tweet @BarackObama
    Tell him: ZERO Troops in Afghanistan! All troops home in 2014. Don’t sign a Bilateral Security Agreement with Afghanistan. Bring the war dollars home!
  • Writing letters to newspapers or blogs and send postcards.
  • Planning local vigils or other actions. Send pictures of actions to 

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For more info and action ideas, go to: Peace Action ( ) and Military Families Speak Out ( 562-833-8035

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