Spring of Action-Keep the Pressure On!

10357671_10202961637895783_8986397379460430494_oZero Troops in Afghanistan

Keep the Pressure On  

This is an urgent appeal to all peace and justice organizations:

Please unite with Military Families Speak Out to stop the Bilateral Security Agreement from getting signed by Pres. Obama and the new president of Afghanistan. If signed, our troops could remain for another 10 years.

You can help by working with groups in your community to plan a special event (s) in the coming weeks that calls attention to SR 347* and the Zero Troops campaign** http://www.mfso.org Here are some ideas:


  • Teaneck NJ Peace Vigil
    Teaneck NJ Peace Vigil

    Hold rallies and/or Special Vigils ( see mfso.org for signs, dimensions, logos etc.)

  • Organize a special march or picket at a popular location- outside a shopping center, major traffic area or congressional office.
  • Rent a bill board, bus stop sign or ask to leave a sign or flyer at friendly business, office or post a flyer where yard signs are in your neighborhood
  • Do a Banner drop ( legal if held), hold a banner over a freeway over pass during rush hour
  • Project an image on a wall in a high traffic area about Zero Troops in Afghanistan. A simple sign such as “Enough! Zero Troops in Afghanistan! mfso.org” says it all
  • Host a postcard party. (Postcards are online at mfso.org and are pre- addressed to the White House) Download Postcard
  • Do a special demonstration by making “Zero Troops in Afghanistan” letter signs and do the wave in a high traffic area. Each person holds up one letter. This project can usually be added to any local vigil and most are very happy to have more people there
  • Plan a car procession with signs on cars and drive through a neighborhood or along a major boulevard.
  • Host a speaker to talk about why we need to stop the Bilateral Security Agreement from being signed.
  • Create a calling list of people who are willing to call your senator about supporting SR 347 in succession one right after the other or the White House on “We want zero troops in Afghanistan”. ( Armchair organizing works too!)*
  • Host a ZTA Party. Show a film such as The Ground Truth or Thomas Young’s powerful movie “Body of War”. Pass out postcards
  • Organize a ZTA work party to send Zeros or other symbols to the White House. Be creative
  • Get someone from your group to interview people on the street and ask them, “So how many troops do you think should be left in Afghanistan?” You should get an overwhelming amount of answers like “Zero” or, “What? I thought that was over” etc.” All good. Post on youtube.

Whatever you do, make sure and post it on our website at mfso.org, YouTube, blog about it/ or send a press release. Hold a press conference before your event, facebook and freeway blog your action.(See press release at mfso.org). Draft Press Release at http://www.mfso.org   To make this action spread nationwide, please call a friend in another state and ask if they will do an action on this week in solidarity.

Need help call/email MFSO at mfso@mfso.org 562-597-3980 or 562-833-8035

*SR237 http://beta.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/senate-resolution/347

** Zero petition http://org.salsalabs.com/o/161/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=15316


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