The Questions They Couldn’t Answer

An Ohio Military Mom Goes to Washington DC…

As a mother of an infantry soldier currently serving in Afghanistan, I travelled to Washington DC Tuesday, March 22nd to ask our elected officials a few questions, such as:

  • How long do we need to be in Afghanistan and what is our objective?
  • Why do you think our troops should continue to fight & die for a corrupt Karzai government?
  • Are you willing to continue to drive up the deficit to pay for the $120+ billion a year cost of this war?

Several of the legislative assistants actually squirmed in their seats when asked these basic, direct questions. You could see them thinking “I should be able to answer this question”.  Their response was that they would get back to me.   It is terrifying to realize that those who “support” the war can’t clearly define why.

While Mr. Boehner has asked our President some very basic, direct questions about our objectives in Libya, his own legislative assistant could not answer my very similar questions about Afghanistan.   I am awaiting an answer from Mr. Boehner.

Our volunteer military is seriously overextended and near its breaking point.   Never before have so few been asked to do so much.  Multiple deployments have wrecked havoc – skyrocketing suicide and PTSD rates, broken families, alcohol & drug addiction are just a few indicators of our military’s agony.

The majority of Americans do not believe that combat operations in Afghanistan must continue.  In fact, they want no personal involvement – don’t increase their taxes to pay for the war and don’t require their children to join the military.   It is immoral to continue a war when only 1% of the public support it with their children’s lives.

For years, the military has told us there is NO military solution to this war.  It is time the United States supports diplomacy and political negotiation with the Afghan people and neighboring countries to conclude U.S. military combat operations.

Polls show the vast majority of Americans want us out of Afghanistan.  No one else should die for a war that has lost any meaningful purpose.

I am asking you to call or write your Congressperson and Senators to demand an end to this war.   The life of my son, the lives of so many sons and daughters, as well as innocent Afghan women and children depend on it.

Mary Hladky
Military Families Speak Out