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Demonstration against projected troop level increase in Afghanistan


In a demonstration against another troop level  increase in Afghanistan

4:00 p.m. the day after the Trump Administration makes the announcement

PCH and Main St. in Huntington Beach by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s office

Please join veterans, military families and other peace groups that are opposed to the increase of troop levels in Afghanistan. Each new sitting president has increased troop levels and it’s time to “END THESE ESCALATIONS”

Peace Contingent at Teaneck, NJ’s Fourth of July Parade

Join Veterans, Military Families, and other area residents in the

Peace Contingent

Teaneck, NJ’s

4th of July Parade

Meet at 9 am

Queen Anne Road and Van Buren, just South of Cedar Lane

Rides are available during the parade.


We will have signs and banners.

Feel free to make your own with these themes:

Bring the troops and contractors home from Afghanistan NOW!

Take care of our troops and veterans when they get home!

Don’t send the NJ National Guard to Afghanistan. Keep them here in NJ for NJ!

Bring the War Dollars Home for Our Communities. Money for health care (education, jobs, housing) – not for war!

The Peace Contingent is sponsored by the Teaneck Peace Vigil, Military Families Speak Out, Bergen County, and Veterans For Peace, Chapter 21 NJ


For final details check the local newspaper.

Take Action Against Escalating War in Syria

Military Families Speak Out grieves for the Syrian families who lost loved ones or were injured in the recent Syrian chemical attack.  We know this pain.  We know war, violence and destruction are not the answer to the world’s problems.  We have grave concerns over our military’s deepening involvement in Syria as well as Iraq, and Yemen.  We continually rely on military intervention when we have been told multiple times, that there is no military solution to the problems in the Middle East, and the region.  We need determined diplomacy to reach a political solution in Syria and the region.  We must increase humanitarian aid.

MFSO is a member group of United for Peace & Justice and we support their message, below:

“Once again, the United States is sliding towards a wider war in the Middle East. Only two days after the first allegations of the use of chemical weapons against a village in Syria, the United States has attacked an air base in Syria with more than fifty sea launched cruise missiles. With both Russian and U.S. forces on the ground and in the air in Syria, the risk of a wider war is real.

Both the United Nations Charter and the Chemical Weapons Convention provide means for international investigation and sanction of the use of prohibited weapons.  Unilateral use of military force in these circumstances by the United States, which has not been attacked and is not in imminent danger of attack, is unlawful.”

Call the White House  202-456-1111 and your Senators and Congressional Representatives 202-224-3121 and tell them that military action only increases the dangers and intensifies the humanitarian catastrophe in the region.

Please Call Today – it takes just a few minutes.  Remember to identify yourself as someone who has a loved one in the military.

These calls are logged and counted by the White House and by members of Congress – MFSO voices matter and, if we are persistent, can affect votes.

Then let’s hit the streets and Say NO To U.S. Military Intervention in Syria!! YES to diplomacy!

Go to www.unitedforpeace.org and www.veteransforpeace.org to find a demonstration in your community or work with others to organize a demonstration and post. Send details to MFSO@mfso.org so we can post it on our website and Facebook page.

Get Involved – We Need You!

Military Families Speak Out continues to demonstrate the futility of continuing our military presence in the Middle East.  We know that there is no military solution to our problems in the Middle East and surrounding areas.  We need to stop multiple deployments which hurt our troops and their families.  We need to focus on caring for our troops, our military families and all the civilians who have suffered from these many wars.

We call for continued efforts for diplomacy and humanitarian aid. In addition, we know that xenophobic rhetoric & hate speech only exacerbates the situation and sends a false message that  we are at war with Islam, which in turn only leads to more hatred from civilians in the Middle East who are mostly Muslim. It also gives ISIS the propaganda they need to continue attracting more anti-American recruits.

After 15 years of war, we stand ready to meet the challenges ahead with renewed vigor and hope that you will stand with us. We need help from every member if we are to end these wars once and for all. Please get involved today!

Ways to Get Involved

1. Join or rejoin MFSO, even if your loved one is no longer in the military.
2. Sign the PeacePledge.  MFSO, as an organization, has endorsed United for Peace & Justice’s Peace Pledge.  Any member can individually sign this Peace Pledge.  Go to: http://peacepledge.unitedforpeace.org/
3. Be visible. Organize a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly vigil in your community. Be sure to encourage other organizations to co-sponsor.( We can help you find local allies)
4. Write letters to the editor of local newspapers or blogs-and send us a copy. We can then multiply its exposure by sending it to our larger allies like VFP, IVAW, UFPJ .
5.  Plan special protests at the local offices of  members of Congress that have voted or promote war. We can target representatives for you.. Co-sponsor with other groups.
6. Meet with members of Congress to share your concerns.  Campaign to get a meeting with your congressional representatives; be sure to tell them that you’re a military family member.
7.  If there is no chapter nearby, consider starting an MFSO chapter. You only need 3 people and we have a very good Chapter Building Kit we will send you. We will also help you get media coverage when you launch your chapter.
8. Give us a call at the MFSO office. We are very open to your ideas and have suggestions for other ways that we can use your help on a national level. Reach us at mfsooc@earthlink.net; we have a Facebook page, (please post this), a website  mfso.org with a blog ( post something), and during West Coast business hours you can reach us at 562-597-3980 or after hours at 562-833-8035.