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MFSO Mother: ‘What Are They Dying For?’

Friday, after eight more men died Thursday in the war on Afghans and Representative Jim McGovern’s Amendment calling to end the war was narrowly defeated, a soldier’s mother has taken a stand and spoken out against the war.

Mary Hladky, a mother of a Soldier serving in Kandahar explains about the eight deaths, “The trap was set: first a small IED went off which injured some soldiers, other soldiers rushed in, and then the big one went off.”

The men were members of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

Hladky, a member of Military Families Speak Out, asked in a written statement today, “What are they dying for? A corrupt Karzai government the Afghan people don’t want?”

“No one ever gives a good answer to why our servicemembers keep dying – because there simply isn’t one.”

The number of U.S. Military Casualties In Afghanistan has reached 1,551 and foreign soldiers killed in Afghanistan in 2011 has reached 189 according to Kashmir Watch.

Last year was the deadliest year for ISAF with 711 NATO-led soldiers killed.

This Memorial Day weekend, to honor men and women in uniform and those no longer with us, Hladky is urging the public to do two things:

  1. Click here to send an email to the White House. Tell them why you want our troops brought home now.
  2. Then, send the President & Vice President a handwritten letter. (They carry a lot more weight than an email.)

“This has got to stop. We must apply ‘people pressure’ and show our President that the American public will not remain apathetic.

“Join me in standing up and speaking out.”

If you have family members or loved ones in the military and you oppose this war, you can JOIN Military Families Speak out by clicking here or by sending an e-mail to mfso@mfso.org

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