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MFSO Actions Around Armistice Day

It was a whirlwind of activities over Veterans Day weekend. Attached you will find pictures of MFSO members in attendance that included our main event which was a silent march to the war memorials in DC on the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day and organized by Marcia Westbrook, WVA. Included were Paula Rogovin, NJ, Sabrina Waller, Ill, Cindy and Al Glatkowski, SC, Stacy Bannerman, Ore., and Pat Alviso, CA,  Other events attended by MFSO members included a caravan tour, the Peace Congress, Veterans Occupy the VA and a peace concert in McPhearson Square. Please send your photos of actions in your area and we will get them out as well.

Link to CBS coverage of action/event at Independence Mall  https://cbsloc.al/2qFFLvf

Paid Internship Announcement: Work with the Military Families Speak Out Media Team

Work with the Military Families Speak Out media team and leadership to grow their membership and help bring our troops home and take care of them when they get here. Learn more here: http://bit.ly/OEP-MFSO

Job Description: Military Families Speak Out Organizer
Working With: Military Families Speak Out Media Team
Bill Scheurer, OEP Executive Director
Marie Rhoades, OEP Youth & Young Adult Director

On Earth Peace is managing this paid internship under its internship program, on behalf of Military Families Speak Out, with grant funding from The A.J. Muste Memorial Institute.

About Military Families Speak Out
Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) is an organization of military families across the US and around the world who are opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and have a loved one currently serving in the military, who has served in the military since 9/11 or who has died as a result of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The mission of Military Families Speak Out is to advocate for all U.S. troops to leave Iraq and Afghanistan now and to speak out against unjust military interventions. MFSO supports policies that utilize diplomacy over military force. We support the troops and work hard to ensure that their needs are met while deployed and when they return home. http://www.militaryfamiliesspeakout.com/

About On Earth Peace
On Earth Peace (OEP) is a nonprofit organization helping people work together for justice and peace, using the spiritual and practical disciplines of active nonviolence, community building, and conflict transformation. We work through mutual equipping and accompaniment, serving churches and community groups, youth and young adults, and other individuals of all ages. OEP is also an agency of the Church of the Brethren, a Historic Peace Church. http://www.onearthpeace.org/

What You’ll Do
You will help MFSO grow its peacebuilding mission to “bring our troops home now, and take care of them when they get here.” Here are specific tasks you will be doing for MFSO.
Call MFSO members to ask about doing interviews.
Call and welcome and learn about new members.
Organize all interviewee contact info by state/city, military family member relationships, branches of military, deployment histories, and current military status (including active duty, currently deployed, veteran, discharged, wounded, Gold Star, suicide, etc.).
Collect and maintain media contacts by state/city.
Ask other groups to share their media list.
Help develop and send out press releases.
Search and collect media coverage of our interviews and events.
Post these and other pertinent stories and events in social media.
Re-engage inactive/lapsed members.
Assist leadership team with outreach for new members and partners.
Consult with media coaches in preparing for and processing member and partner calls, and in helping members prepare for and report back on media interviews.
Assist in updating general and specific talking points.
Help media team with regular and special newsletters.
Assure that the principles and practices of active nonviolence and skilled movement building are integral to all activities and conversations in all our MFSO interactions.

What You’ll Learn
You will gain valuable experience in community building and organizing, and will develop a firm understanding of the right tactics to combine online marketing with overarching outreach goals. You also will learn how to work in a professional environment and have abundant opportunity to make lasting connections with organizations, leaders, practitioners in the antimilitarism field. Specifically, you will grow in these and many other important skills:

How to cultivate sustained impact, engagement, and community.
How to build relationships with a wide variety of people and organizations.
How to track social media and other analytics, and report results.
How to develop compelling content that will be shared by influencers.
How to learn from creative feedback and viral loops, and discover new ideas.
How to develop, manage, and evaluate effective community building strategy.
Deep exposure to the principles and practices of active nonviolence and conflict transformation for building justice and peace throughout your life.
An understanding of the culture of the military and military families, and sensitivities and protocols for working with military family members and friends in a crisis and/or a state of anxiety during deployments, homecomings, or injuries to or losses of loved ones.

What We’re Looking For
Do you have natural gifts for making friends, forming relationships, and building community? Do your friends look to you in social media for the latest trends, ideas, and online memes? If so, we also are looking for these specific interests and skills:

Passion for the work of justice and peace, and a genuine interest in learning more deeply about the practices of active nonviolence and conflict transformation.
Creative self-starter who is comfortable with taking initiative and working on your own, and with working in close collaboration with teams and groups as needed.
Multitasking finisher who can prioritize and make progress on multiple projects at once (both in parallel and serial), and is committed to finalizing each project on time.
Detail-oriented influencer with strong written and verbal communication skills, and a good eye for compelling graphics, photos, videos, headlines, and stories.
Enough power-user technical savvy to manage the tools and techniques of various online productivity tools and social media platforms creatively and effectively.
Strong social organizing skills and instincts for calling people into community.
Ability and eagerness to work in the practices of one-to-one community building via email, phone, chat, and video meetings, and where available in person.
Creative energy and drive with a desire to come up with fresh ideas to grow MFSO membership and build engagement, participation, identification, and belonging.
Willingness to try new things, take risks, accept responsibility, and learn.
Ability to understand many different kinds of people, to listen to and speak to them, and to build bridges while maintaining clear commitments to our core values.
Ability to listen to people in crisis and help them feel heard and supported.
A high degree of intellectual and emotional confidence and maturity to comprehend and work with abstract concepts at a practical, concrete level of application.
A marketing or communications major will help, since will be part of a media team.
It helps if you have a family member who is or has been in the U.S. military.

This job will be done from your school or home. You will need good reliable internet and phone access. You will need enough time in your schedule to be available for regular phone and video meetings, as well as be reachable as needed by email, phone, text, and video call.

Position Available (Date)
This job is available all three semesters (fall, spring, summer) on a rolling basis. MFSO currently has funding available for one full semester of work, with hope for renewal based on results.

To learn more and apply go here: https://www.onearthpeace.org/internships
Revision date: 10/11/2018

Support MFSO with a Tax Exempt Donation

As we approach the end of the Obama administration and prepare for the many inevitable challenges we will face under the new president’s administration, we wish to remind you that Military Families Speak Out is focused and prepared to do everything we can to stop the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen and call for the immediately withdrawal of our troops. We are studying and preparing our position statements on potential cabinet appointments because we understand how these choices can deeply affect what happens to our troops and their families.

After 15 years of military intervention, which has resulted in the needless loss of lives and trillions spent on endless wars, we find ourselves no closer to peace and so during this season of giving and hope, we are asking you, our friend and ally, to help us continue the important work of Military Families Speak Out.

Military Families Speak Out is in a unique position to demonstrate the futility of continuing our military presence in the Middle East. We must end our military presence in these countries and stop the bombing and destruction. We must demand our leaders use diplomacy and address the root causes of these wars.  There is no military solution to our problems in the Middle East and surrounding areas.  We need to stop sending our troops to wars that are unending and unwinnable.  We need to stop multiple deployments which hurt our troops and their families.  We need to focus on caring for our troops, our military families and all the civilians who have suffered from these many wars.

We invite you to help us by making a donation to MFSO this year. Since 2002, Military Families Speak Out has been on the front lines organizing and publicly speaking out.  Our commitment to be heard is unstoppable, but we need your help.

Over the years your generosity has helped us become strong and we are listened to by many in our neighborhoods and around the globe. Your support, especially this year, will help us broaden our membership to younger military families who are affected by recent deployments. It will help us keep watch over the new administration’s appointments and policies.  MFSO members work around the clock preparing members to speak to the media, and are there to help them and be by their side when they find the courage to speak out and share their stories of separation and loss. Our leadership is there to make sure their stories are spread on social and printed media.

This past year, your donations helped us to send members such as Tim Kahlor, ever-vigilant Army dad, and Marcia Westbrook, Gold Star mom, to national events so they could tell their compelling stories in New York   and Washington DC. This year we will be present at the Women’s March on Washington and any other events where we are needed. Our current campaign for letters of condolences to families, who have had a military member die by suicide stateside, will need a new push under the new administration.

A donation of any amount will help us continue the work we already do and also help us continue our coordinated actions and monthly strategy meetings with executive directors from Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace. Support is greatly needed to keep up with the regular demands we receive at our donated office in California, that come from military families around the country who ask and receive emotional support, referrals for care when their loved ones return from deployments and guidance on how to stay in touch with their loved ones while deployed.

Please consider a donation to Military Families Speak Out at this time. After 15 years of war, we stand ready to meet the challenges ahead with renewed vigor and hope that you will know that any donation is an investment in finally ending these wars. Every day these unjust wars continue is another day our loved ones and many innocent civilians will suffer. This is why your donation and participation is vital to us.

Please consider becoming a sustaining member, receive monthly newsletters and a gift of thanks from our governing board.

MAKE A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION HERE TODAY ormail your donation to MFSO, 1716 Clark Ave PMB 122, Long Beach, CA. 90815.


Thank you and please let us hear from you throughout the year.  Please keep in touch with us via our websitewww.mfso.org  and Facebook page.

National Coordinator Pat Alviso and Steering Committee Members; Marlene Alvarado, Tina Lopez, Macgregor Eddy, Lorna Farnum, Barry Saks, Bill Scheurer, Mary Hladky, Paula Rogovin, Jeff Merrick, Marcia Westbrook, Rosssana Cambron, Casey Stinemetz and Corla Coles