Sign the Petition – End War in Afghanistan

The U.S. war in Afghanistan is well into its 16th year.
Unbelievably, Army General John Nicholson is requesting that more troops be sent to Afghanistan to “train, advise and assist” the Afghan forces.

Military Families Speak Out is also very concerned about the increasing discussion of ground troops not only in Afghanistan but in Iraq, Syria and now in Yemen.  More troops are not the answer.  War has not worked and will not work.   Our government must now focus on diplomacy and negotiations to bring stability to these countries.

Please click here to sign the End U.S. War in Afghanistan petition directed to Donald Trump.

Highlights of this Petition:
During each of the past 15 years, our government in Washington has informed us that success was imminent.  During those years, Afghanistan has continued its descent into poverty, violence, environmental degradation, and instability.  The withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops would send a signal to the world, and to the people of Afghanistan, that the time has come to try a different approach, something other than more troops and weaponry.

The United States is spending $4 million an hour on planes, drones, bombs, guns, and over-priced contractors in a country that needs food and agricultural equipment, much of which could be provided by U.S. businesses. Thus far, the United States has spent an outrageous $783 billion with virtually nothing to show for it except the death of thousands of U.S. soldiers , and the death, injury and displacement of millions of Afghans.

But the war has had a substantial impact on our security: it has endangered us.  …terrorists targeting the United States have stated their motives as including revenge for the U.S. war in Afghanistan, along with other U.S. wars in the region.

It is important that we Speak Out by signing the End U.S. War in Afghanistan and by staying abreast of the new administration’s seemingly aggressive military direction.

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  1. Spend our taxes on food and hospital and schools and women rights and commerce instead of more weapons. Support free elections and free trade.

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