Military Families at the RNC and DNC

So much happening over the next couple weeks! We encourage all of our members to participate in convention activities in Cleveland, OH and Philadelphia, PA. Please take a  look into the actions listed below,  and consider joining them to remind people that we are still enduring endless war, the (human) costs of these wars, and the only  solution, which of course, is to bring all of our troops home now.  As candidates talk about security, we must be ready to challenge our next president to do the right thing and stop these endless wars.

MFSO is working on coordinating activities at the conventions and will have Missouri member Casey Stinemetz as a coordinator for all MFSO activities at the DNC. If you are able to go, please let us know so we can connect you or you can reach her directly at the number below. She leaves Friday morning for the DNC and will be part of a caravan that is stopping in Columbia, OH and Pittsburgh, PA .

Here is a list of many actions, events, and gatherings that are happening in Philly during the DNC. FDR Park in Philly will have “wash up” facilities, and 1501 Cherry St (AFSC), 101 North Broad St (Methodist Church), and the S.E. Corner of 4th & Arch Streets all will have very limited Washroom/restroom facilities. If you plan to come to the DNC please e-mail  Casey will be there with free MFSO t-shirts for the first part of the DNC, on Sunday and Monday (July 23rd and 24th) .

Whether you are attending the RNC or DNC events, if you are willing  to talk to the media, please let us know by e-mailing

Other Events Happening at the RNC & DNC:
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