Military Families Speak Out at the Women’s March

On Jan 21, MFSO will join with veterans around the country sending the message to our new President that women rights are human rights.  Military Sexual Trauma is at epidemic levels in the U.S. Military and  MFSO is appalled that our new Commander and Chief will be a man who has shown himself to disregard women’s rights by his own misogynist behavior.

We urge you to find your local MFSO and VFP members and march together.  Please join other MFSO members in DC, Los Angeles or Santa Ana CA, New York City, Denver CO,  Charleston, WV, Kansas City, MO, and Trenton, NJ.  If you would like your area listed please contract us right away.

Washington DC
Starts at 10am at Independence Ave and Third St SW.  We will be marching with VFP, IVAW and others.  Call Marcia Westbrook at 843-274-0785 for any questions and meet up location.  You can also sign up on the web site to get updated information.

Los Angeles  CA.
Meet up at the NE corner of West 6th Street and South Olive Street, Pershing Square by 9:30am Look for the VFP Flag and MFSO banner.  Call Pat Alviso 562-833-8035 or Jeff Merrick 562-522-4241 for any questions.

Santa Ana CA.
Starting point for the march will be 4th and French and ending at the old OC Court House.  March will start at 9amand end by 1pm.  Call Ed Garza at 714-317-3969 for MFSO and VFP meet up point.

New York City
Meet up at First Ave and 47th Street between 12:15-12:30.  Look for the VFP Flag,  Call Bob Keilbach at 347-645-1052 day of event.

Denver CO
Parade starts at  9am, Denver Civic Center Park Colfax and Bannock. Meet up at 9am at 15th and Cleveland.. Call Vrnda Noel 720-299-8781 for meet up location.

Charleston, WVA
Meet up on the river side of the Charleston State Capitol Building at 1pm.  Call Marcia Westbrook at 843-274-0785 for any questions.

Kansas City, MO
March starts at 9am Main and Cleaver Blvd, then at 10:15move on to All Souls 4501 Walnut for excellent speakers.  Call Mary Hladky at 937-926-0589 for any questions.

Trenton, NJ
Meet up at the War Memorial in Trenton, New Jersey, at10 a.m.  Call Paula Rogovin at 201-248-3169 for any additional information.