MFSO Workshop at 2016 VFP Convention

Please join military families at the 2016 Veterans For Peace convention in Berkley, CA! This year’s theme will be “Peace At Home, Peace Abroad. A Just and Sustainable Future for the World’s Children.”  You can register for the convention online.

Jeff Merrick, veteran and Military Families Speak Out leader, will present the latest information on Depleted Uranium- today’s Agent Orange. This PowerPoint presentation and round table discussion will cover the history and use of DU, how it is used in modern warfare, and its effect on civilians from areas that we have contaminated with DU.  Military families will be on hand to share how DU has impacted our loved ones and their children.

The extensive destruction by Depleted Uranium (DU) on the environment in the U.S., Iraq and other countries caused by the ever increasing desire for more powerful weaponry will be examined.  Strategies will be proposed on how to increase awareness about this on-going travesty and what we can do about it. Every person in attendance will be given an informational packet with testing resources.