MFSO Member Carole Whelan Protests Senator in Maine who Supported Iraq War

from WGME local news in Maine…

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Protester at Senator Collins’ induction into Maine Women’s Hall of Fame

Peace activists protested Senator Susan Collins’ induction into the Maine Women’s Hall of Fame Saturday in Augusta.

Shortly after Senator Collins was awarded the honor at the University of Maine campus, a woman stood up in the audience and began speaking, reading a written statement, and saying Senator Collins should refuse the award for her role in helping advance the war in Iraq eight years ago. Senator Collins was among the majority in the Senate that gave then President Bush the authorization to use force against Iraq.

The woman’s comments were met with a mix of jeers and supporters saying “let her speak”. Once she finished, some of those in the audience applauded.

Senator Collins condoned the latter sentiment immediately after, telling the crowd that the demonstrator’s speech was “democracy in action”. The senator’s reaction was met with a standing ovation.