Member Blog: Mary Hladky

State of the Union & True Costs of War

Yes I believe in America’s ability to “do big things” to move our country forward.  I also believe we can face the hard facts about Afghanistan.   We spend $2 billion every week in Afghanistan for a war that 63% of Americans do not support.  The war does not make us safer,  in fact, our military intervention is creating many more enemies. Afghanistan is a landlocked, primitive, poor country with no nuclear weapons. Al Qaeda has left Afghanistan, moving to Pakistan, Yemen and  Somalia. Deaths, injuries, and billions are being wasted on a mess we can’t fix.  So where are our voices?  Few speak out because Americans have been asked to sacrifice nothing. Institute a draft or significantly increase taxes to pay the upfront costs of war (instead of borrowing money which adds to the deficit) either would cause  a deafening  uproar. Currently only our military and their families pay war’s overwhelming price.

We have overextended our armed services creating a crisis – military suicides and PTSD  are at alarmingly high rates.  Our professional military is suffering from 10 years of unrelenting, horrific  war – too many redeployments with disastrous human results.  Deaths are approaching 6,000 but significant injuries are almost 10x the death rate.  We have never expected so much from such a small military force before.  Apathy is no longer acceptable.

President Obama needs to show real courage and pull out of Afghanistan, protect our ports, railways & airways, rebuild our economy and take care of our troops when they return.

Mary Hladky
Military Families Speak Out