Media Round-Up: MFSO Responds to Obama’s Withdrawal Plan

Anna Berlinrut, whose son is currently in Afghanistan, was interviewed on Between the Lines radio program.

Pat Alviso, Southern California chapter leader, whose son recently returned from Afghanistan, was interviewed on NBC before Obama’s speech presenting his plan for a slow withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Pat Alviso and her husband, MFSO Board Member Jeff Merrick, hosted a viewing party at their home in Long Beach attended by members of MFSO, Gold Star Families Speak Out, Veterans for Peace, and the media.  Photos of the viewing party were picked up by the Associated Press and run alongside the articles about Obama’s speech in many newspapers and websites around the country.

The LA Times used a photo of MFSO Board Member Rossana Cambron at the viewing party, whose son is currently serving in Iraq.

Reuter’s quoted MFSO’s official response in their international article on the President’s withdrawal plan – in English and Spanish.