Do You Love A Veteran? Call for Submissions

The second volume of “Do You Love a Veteran?” is in the works!

For the second volume, I am compiling a set of essays, poems, drawings, etc. about people’s experiences, joys, and struggles with supporting veterans and how these struggles have transformed them.

Submissions can be anonymous or credited depending on the author’s preference. We will distribute the zines amongst our communities and also leave these zines in places like VFWs or American Legions where other vets might pick them up and share them with their loved ones. They will also be distributed at VA Facilities. Submissions may also be published on this site, as the author wishes.

Submission Guidelines:
1. story, article, essay, poem, song, art work (children’s or adults’) by, for, and about loving a veteran or a GI and all the complexities that come with that.
2. Maximum length- 2 typed pages single spaced
3. Please include whatever identification information you would like included in the zine ( First Name, Last Name, Town, City, State, relationship to veteran…any or none of the above. This can be as credited or anonymous as you choose)
3. Deadline September 30th, 2011
4. E-mail all written submissions to . Art can be scanned and e-mailed or you may send it to:
Nicole Baltrushes
3324 W Palmer #1E
Chicago IL 60647

Getting Started:

If you’re having trouble getting started, here are some prompts that might help. You can just try free-writing and see what comes out. Often that can be the most honest and meaningful work.

When you (he/she) came home….

Since you’ve (she’s/he’s) been back…

How has war, and your loved one’s service, changed you?

I’m angry that…

I’m thankful that …