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  1. Dear Sir,

    A Senior Law Lord, Baron Bingham of Cornhill, has already given his verdict on Tony Blair’s illegal war, in his first major speech since his retirement in 2008, to the British Institute of International and Comparative Law. On 17th November 2008, he said that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was “a serious violation of international law” and accused Britain and the US of acting like “a world vigilante”.

    If a retired lunatic, such as myself, can find out that such an eminent judge and jurist, who served as Master of the Rolls, Lord Chief Justice and as Senior Law Lord, has already declared Tony Blair guilty of beginning an illegal war, and those members of his cabinet that did not resign guilty of being accessories; then Chilcott must have also found this out, but decided not to publish it in his report!

    I wonder why?

    Yours sincerely,
    Alan Collins

    “Two Ways” 20a Denys Road, Totnes, TQ9 5TW.

  2. Help Liberate U.S. Servicemen from Vatican’s Crusaders and Missionaries
    Freedoms Guaranteed by Declaration of Independence & Constitution T”o We The People” Have Been Denied to US Servicemen
    In the words of a blogger Brandon Smith,”American soldiers are indeed property of the state, that their actions must be dictated by the president and not the Constitution, and that this is required for the military to function.”

    US has “relegated the troops to the position of second class citizens, or even property of the state. There is NO in-between. Discipline and military coherence be damned. Either these men and women have First Amendment protections and are full citizens or they are mechanisms of the government whose civil liberties have been erased.”

  3. Dulce Et Decorum Est III & A Taste of Armageddon
    (Or the Empire has no Clothes but a Disposition Matrix)

    In due homage
    to Horace, Owen & Mikhail
    i humbly nod
    for how sweet & glorious
    it must be to kill or die
    for God & country
    via pompous duty
    in ersatz honor
    spewing fools pride

    so c’mon kiddies,
    any up for good jingo sport?
    who’s hungry & poor,
    who wants to play
    the hubris ‘anything for profit’ killing game?

    As newspapers rah rah
    pied piper patriotism
    with journalistic integrity
    star spangled objectivity ha ha!
    as a new battle/fear lies just around the corner
    & armed forces day just weeks away hooray!

    rally loyal citizens
    to whitewash warm innocuous blood
    off disgraced musket & sullied polluted flag
    strike up the marching parade
    manifest destiny down main street usa hurrah!

    Awaken & open thine eyes
    chauvinistic folk
    come & see
    xenophobic overseas deeds of nefarious brutality

    You’re liable
    for this appalling
    tax-paid supported violence
    exported to hamlets & villages
    in lands you couldn’t find on a map
    nor correctly pronounce

    Assaulting families
    who’ve never
    did you any harm
    in lands you’ve never heard of
    nor care less for
    so step on up
    one & all

    Take a trip
    to the overflowing morgues
    filled with small smashed bodies
    once toddlers
    full of laughter & life

    Deeply inhale
    the rancid stench
    of scorched flesh
    crispy burnt
    to a black bubbly mass
    by phosphorus

    Gaze into doll dead eyes
    frozen forever
    by shock & awe
    via your God blessed terror from above

    Crumpled atop a cold gurney
    a stiff finger of a tiny hand
    amidst a mish-mosh of mangled flesh
    bulls-eyed at you war supporters

    as grief-stricken father’s
    in shattered silence
    sifting through ragged debris
    devastating destruction
    for lost sons
    missing daughters

    ripped wet mangled body parts
    strewn out as pieces of a human jig-saw puzzle
    taking home
    the ear, the hand, the foot
    to be quietly buried
    while 6000 miles away
    heroes giggle and snicker
    at a video screen
    calling this crime against humanity

    to the heart-piercing shrieks
    as soul-torn asunder mothers
    wail like howling wild animals
    as they find their loves buried
    broken & bloody
    in the rubble
    of your glorious works

    Then if you can
    please explain
    to the unresponsive moaning
    neonatal orphan
    why your armed forces
    just murdered his parents
    by accident
    then wave a condolence payment
    like juicy enticement in his face

    as your special op-forces
    silently efficiently & quickly
    dig out bullets
    from civilian bodies
    to cover their tracks
    from being at the wrong address

    Declare as a national holiday
    murdered women at a bridal shower
    or when
    4 kids are droned to smithereens
    while tending sheep
    in exported evil exploits
    as great american victories
    for which your war crimes always are

    Trust flim-flam,
    the PR propaganda spin
    from subjective mass media
    obey leaders and church bosses
    pay your taxes
    which finances anglo-terrorism
    through illegal & immoral aggressive violence

    Raise your filthy faux flag
    higher higher ever higher
    to cover the rising pile where the butchered lie
    dear good christian citizens
    no civic rag
    could ever soar over
    the sick slaying of the innocent

    Consider Fallujah
    surrounded & caged
    as the cowering cringing unarmed civilian inhabitants
    are shot, burned & barbequed
    like slaughtered sitting ducks
    in a ‘free-fire zone’ shooting gallery

    upon your sanctimonious attack
    at a school in Bajour
    where 69 children are massacred by joystick
    as you deceive yourself
    into believing
    it did not happen
    washing your hands
    turning as you walk away

    This is Sand Creek
    Wounded Knee
    My Lai
    too many other mass-media
    contorted & distorted great triumphs

    To whit
    no doubt in my mind
    the next war crime called
    a ‘battle’
    or a ‘humanitarian bombing’
    will be patriotically anointed too
    sanctioned of course
    by church state and school
    ta ta…

  4. Gentlemen, I see that the (suspected) ‘news block out’ has been lifted (Daily Telegraph today) as this is the first press mention since October 2105.

    I have written to my MP Mr. Zahawi to lobby against Mr. cameron’s reported delay in publication demanding, that he keeps to his word for publication within two weeks of presentation.

    Is there anything else I can possibly do to help? Kind regards.

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