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4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dr Lee Karen Stow

    Hello. I would like to contact Rose Gentle for permission to visit her and photograph her for the documentary project Poppies (Women and War) which I am undertaking, with Arts Council sponsorship, and which will open as a touring exhibition at the Murray Edwards women’s college at the University of Cambridge in November 2014.
    I can explain more fully the project, which aims to give voice to the women involved in/affected by wars from WWI to the present day, from women involved at the front line to women who work for peace, justice and an end to war. I do hope you can assist me and I would be very grateful if you could pass on my request.
    Thank you.

    1. Bobby Pathak

      Dear Dr Lee Karen Stow
      Like you, I too am keen to talk to Rose Gentle regarding an arts project I am working on.
      I am a UK based artist looking to speak with UK based families of those serving in or those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan ahead of an art exhibition.
      This webpage, however, is US based and I suspect you will not find a contact for Rose Gentle here. Nonetheless, if you do come across a contact, perhaps you could pass on my request.
      Thank you in advance,
      Bobby Pathak

  2. A.F.


    Just letting you know before you send the letter that there is a mispelling of “lives”. You spelt it “lies” as in thousands of lives* lost.

    Good luck on your efforts.



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