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Zero Troops in Afghanistan


The peace and justice and anti-war movements are stepping up the campaign for ZERO Troops in Afghanistan! According to news reports the U.S. government is practically begging the Afghanistan government to let the U.S. military remain in Afghanistan until at least 2024! We say NO! Bring the troops home! Bring the war dollars home!

Afghanistan President, Karzai, has said no U.S. troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014. But there is an upcoming election selecting a new Afghanistan President on April 5, 2014. All candidates have said they will allow troops to remain. The decision allowing American troops to remain in Afghanistan should not belong to either the new Afghanistan President nor President Obama, it belongs to the American people who, in overwhelming numbers, want our troops home now. We must call on President Obama to bring all troops home in 2014.


Sign the on-line petition calling for ZERO Troops in Afghanistan!

• Ask your organization to co-sponsor this petition. Contact


  • Post the ZERO Troops in Afghanistan! petition on your Facebook page or send it out on twitter or other social media.
  • E-mail this flyer to your contacts. Download Flyer
  • With your help, we hope to deliver petitions with at least 50,000 signatures to the White House.

If you’d like to do more:

  • Circulate the ZERO Troops in Afghanistan! flyer in your community.
  • Call President Obama: 202-456-1111.
  • Write letters to newspapers or blogs and send postcards.
  • Plan local vigils or demonstrations. Send pictures of actions to

For more info and action ideas, go to: Peace Action ( ) and Military Families Speak Out ( 562-833-8035

Sponsors: Peace Action ( )*Military Families Speak Out (, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Veterans For Peace, US Labor Against the War, United for Peace and Justice * PeaceHome Campaigns * Progressive Democrats of America – End War & Occupation * Jobs Not War * Teaneck Peace Vigil/NJ* Indiana Peace and Justice * LA Resist * War is a Crime/David Swanson * Intercommunity J&P Ctr Cincinnati, Topanga Peace Alliance, LBA Peace Network,  OC Peace Coalition, CODEPINK

Say Your Peace Video Contest

September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows invites you to participate in our SAY YOUR PEACE video contest.

First place winners from each of three age groups will receive $1,000 cash awards.

Deadline for entry is August 15, 2011.

No video experience is required to participate.

Click here for more information.

Create Art to Reflect on 10 years at war

MFSO is partnering with 10 Years and Counting, a coalition of artists and activists who have come together to mark the 10th anniversary of the war.  We can use this unfortunate, yet historic moment as inspiration and maximize the power of creativity to illustrate the costs of war, or how 10 years of warfare have affected you personally.  Throughout the month we will be showcasing art from military families, veterans, and service members on our website, as well as on the 10 Years and Counting website.  Send us your poetry, music, photographs, videos, blogs, and visual art.  Email your submission(s) to

War Is Trauma: a collaboration between IVAW and Just Seeds Collective

Art is a way to break through communication barriers, to express things we couldn’t otherwise.  It can be a way to heal, or a way to protest. “Art” can be anything, any way you want to express what 10 years of war has meant to you, how it has affected your family, or how it has changed the world we live in – poetry, music, photography, writing, visual art, or videos.

General submissions will be featured on our website (credited to the artist, of course), and can be emailed to  You can also submit art or writing for a few specific projects, listed below.

We also encourage you to organize an education or arts-based event during the month leading up to the anniversary, September 7 through October 7th. Click here to learn more.

Do You Love a Veteran? Call for Submissions

Do You Love a Veteran is a zine made up of contributions from families, friends, and partners of veterans.

For more info on the zine, how to submit, and some inspiration, click here.

He Sapa: Heart of the People – Call for Submissions

Over Memorial Day Weekend 2011, a group of military families and veterans gathered in the Black Hills of South Dakota for a healing retreat. The presenters included spiritual elders, veterans, medical doctors, social workers, and healers from different Native traditions.  The participants created art and writing which will provide the basis for this zine.  We invite veterans, military families, and Gold Star families to submit art and writing about their own experiences with healing.  Questions and submissions can be sent to

Commemorating 10 Years of War

This October will mark 10 years since the U.S. invasion on Afghanistan; 10 years of war, the longest in American history, and promises from President Obama for another 3, or more. 

On September 11th, 2001, a tragedy changed our nation forever.  10 years later, we are living with the consequences of our nation’s response to that tragedy.  In the last decade, thousands of military families have dealt with their own tragedies of losing a loved one in combat or by suicide. Thousands more continue to suffer from the wounds of war. Many of these wounds are visible. Some are not.  And still thousands more will lose sleep, cry, and worry, as their loved ones will be deployed over the next three years.  As military families, we know the true costs of war.

From September 7th to October 7th, MFSO is partnering with Iraq Veterans Against the War, War Resisters League, United for Peace & Justice, and 10 Years and Counting for a month of arts and education to commemorate 10 years of war and begin building bridges of understanding between communities directly affected by the war and the war economy.  We aim to link the challenges faced by Afghans, Iraqis, active duty service members, veterans and military families as those who most directly feel the horrors of war with teachers, students, the homeless, former homeowners, labor and others who feel the domestic crisis brought on by the waste of military spending and greed.

What you can do:

Send us your poetry, music, photographs, and visual art.  We invite you to create something marking the 10 year anniversary of our nation at war. We can use this unfortunate, yet historic moment as inspiration and maximize the power of creativity to illustrate the costs of war, or how 10 years of warfare have affected you personally.  Throughout the month we will be showcasing art from military families, veterans, and service members on our website, as well as on the 10 Years and Counting website.  Email your submission(s) to  Click here for more information.

We also encourage you to organize an arts or education event between September 7th and October 7th.  We will be sending out popular education curriculum on the war economy, voices from Afghanistan, and the costs of war to veterans and military families for you to use, as well as resources to connect with artists in your community and advice on organizing a cultural event. For help organizing an event, contact  We’ll be sending out more information soon.