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MFSO at Hilary Clinton Rally

On Monday, June 6th, nine military family members, veterans and supporters were present at the Hilary Clinton Rally on Monday, June 6th in Long Beach CA. This was not a rally for us for or against any candidate. We are simply following all the candidates, as we have with Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, stop avoiding the important issue of these endless wars and to meet with us.

Will you stand with MFSO to ask for all the candidates, including Hillary Clinton, to discuss wars and to have a meeting with veterans and military families?


MFSO Workshop at 2016 VFP Convention

Please join military families at the 2016 Veterans For Peace convention in Berkley, CA! This year’s theme will be “Peace At Home, Peace Abroad. A Just and Sustainable Future for the World’s Children.”  You can register for the convention online.

Jeff Merrick, veteran and Military Families Speak Out leader, will present the latest information on Depleted Uranium- today’s Agent Orange. This PowerPoint presentation and round table discussion will cover the history and use of DU, how it is used in modern warfare, and its effect on civilians from areas that we have contaminated with DU.  Military families will be on hand to share how DU has impacted our loved ones and their children.

The extensive destruction by Depleted Uranium (DU) on the environment in the U.S., Iraq and other countries caused by the ever increasing desire for more powerful weaponry will be examined.  Strategies will be proposed on how to increase awareness about this on-going travesty and what we can do about it. Every person in attendance will be given an informational packet with testing resources.



MFSO at Bernie Rally

Bernie Sander spoke in Carson, CA on Tuesday, May 18th. A few MFSO members attended the rally with this message: “Talk to military families and veterans, Bernie. We  want all troops out of the Middle East now”.

It was great getting our message out to thousands of Bernie fans. We were definitely seen and heard. We’re hoping to get a meeting with Bernie in the near future. A campaign spokesperson approached us and gave us his number to help us get an appointment set up.

MFSO Panel At Left Forum

Military Families Speak Out will host a panel at the upcoming Left Forum in New York City. Left Forum convenes the largest annual conference of a broad spectrum of left and progressive intellectuals, activists, academics, organizations and the interested public. 

Nancy Lessin, MFSO co-founder will be moderating this panel made up of  military families who will be speaking about their own experiences with military suicide. Sharing their very personal stories will be parents Tim Kahlor (CA), Joyce and Kevin Lucey ( MA), Marcia Westbrook ( WVA) and wife Tracy Eiswert (FLA). Please join us! 

Left Forum 2016
May 20th-22nd: 10:00am Room L 123
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
The City University of New York
524 W. 59th Street, NYC

Compared to the U.S. population, both deployed and non-deployed veterans have a higher risk of suicide. According to studies, over 22 veterans and active duty military die by suicide every day. If you are concerned about a veteran, please get help.