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Media Round-Up: MFSO Responds to Obama’s Withdrawal Plan

Anna Berlinrut, whose son is currently in Afghanistan, was interviewed on Between the Lines radio program.

Pat Alviso, Southern California chapter leader, whose son recently returned from Afghanistan, was interviewed on NBC before Obama’s speech presenting his plan for a slow withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Pat Alviso and her husband, MFSO Board Member Jeff Merrick, hosted a viewing party at their home in Long Beach attended by members of MFSO, Gold Star Families Speak Out, Veterans for Peace, and the media.  Photos of the viewing party were picked up by the Associated Press and run alongside the articles about Obama’s speech in many newspapers and websites around the country.

The LA Times used a photo of MFSO Board Member Rossana Cambron at the viewing party, whose son is currently serving in Iraq.

Reuter’s quoted MFSO’s official response in their international article on the President’s withdrawal plan – in English and Spanish.

Military families and their private front lines

from KPCC in California – click here for full recording of the show

Can I earn enough to pay the bills?
How can I take care of the kids and work at the same time?
Can I keep the household running without my wife?
He always fixes the car, but now that he’s gone…
He’s so changed.
She needs help.
We miss him.
We miss her.
I feel so alone.

Military families face so many challenges, many amplified by the unknown: finding and keeping a good job, caring for children, staying connected while separated by thousands of miles, helping a loved one who has returned from the war with wounds to the body or brain. Every family has a story; we would like to hear yours.


Tom Tarantino, senior legislative associate of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America; retired Army Captain and veteran of tours in Iraq & Bosnia

Tim Kahlor, father of Ryan Kahlor, an Army sergeant who served two deployments – 26 months, in Anbar province, Iraq, working with both the Army and the Marines. He left for basic training on March 18, 2003, the first day of the Iraqi invasion. He was 19 years old at the time. Ryan returned with traumatic brain injury, PTSD, hearing loss, nerve damage in both arms, a detached retina, and back and neck injuries

Military families treated to relaxing weekend in Northern Hills

Black Hills FOX – Memorial Day weekend played host to a not-so-traditional observance in the Northern Hills. Military members and families from all across the country came together this weekend to be a part of a Sioux holistic healing retreat.

It’s well off the beaten path and that’s what makes it the perfect venue for a healing retreat. The 3-day retreat was hosted by members of the Sioux nation and utilized some non-traditional methods of treatment to help past and present military members, along with their families, cope with the devastating realities of conflict.

Healing ceremonies, drum circles and reflective painting were all a part of the prescription for the weekend. Arturo and Rossana Cambron traveled from Los Angeles to be at the retreat just three days after their son deployed for Iraq.

The Cambrons say, “I think it’s a very holistic way to approach this thing. Doctors tend to just treat the symptoms and here it’s a recognition that you need to be well inside before you can deal with all these other issues.”

Sunday was the final day of the retreat and coordinators say that they can already see changes taking place in those who participated.

Mike Bissonette says, “I’ve noticed some differences in their behaviors and their facial expressions and how they carry themselves and it’s more positive.”

Healers from the retreat say that the treatment will continue long after their guests depart and plan to offer their services through long distance communication if needed.