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Zero Troops in Afghanistan, Keep the Pressure On!!

Zero Troops in Afghanistan-Keep the Pressure On  

This is an urgent appeal to all peace and justice organizations:

Please unite with Military Families Speak Out to stop the Bilateral Security Agreement from getting signed by Pres. Obama and the new president of Afghanistan. If signed, our troops could remain for another 10 years.

You can help by working with groups in your community to plan a special event (s) in the coming weeks that calls attention to SR 347* and the Zero Troops campaign** Here are some ideas:


  • Teaneck NJ Peace Vigil

    Teaneck NJ Peace Vigil

    Hold rallies and/or Special Vigils ( see for signs, dimensions, logos etc.)

  • Organize a special march or picket at a popular location- outside a shopping center, major traffic area or congressional office.
  • Rent a bill board, bus stop sign or ask to leave a sign or flyer at friendly business, office or post a flyer where yard signs are in your neighborhood
  • Do a Banner drop ( legal if held), hold a banner over a freeway over pass during rush hour
  • Project an image on a wall in a high traffic area about Zero Troops in Afghanistan. A simple sign such as “Enough! Zero Troops in Afghanistan!” says it all
  • Host a postcard party. (Postcards are online at and are pre- addressed to the White House) Download Postcard
  • Do a special demonstration by making “Zero Troops in Afghanistan” letter signs and do the wave in a high traffic area. Each person holds up one letter. This project can usually be added to any local vigil and most are very happy to have more people there
  • Plan a car procession with signs on cars and drive through a neighborhood or along a major boulevard.
  • Host a speaker to talk about why we need to stop the Bilateral Security Agreement from being signed.
  • Create a calling list of people who are willing to call your senator about supporting SR 347 in succession one right after the other or the White House on “We want zero troops in Afghanistan”. ( Armchair organizing works too!)*
  • Host a ZTA Party. Show a film such as The Ground Truth or Thomas Young’s powerful movie “Body of War”. Pass out postcards
  • Organize a ZTA work party to send Zeros or other symbols to the White House. Be creative
  • Get someone from your group to interview people on the street and ask them, “So how many troops do you think should be left in Afghanistan?” You should get an overwhelming amount of answers like “Zero” or, “What? I thought that was over” etc.” All good. Post on youtube.

Whatever you do, make sure and post it on our website at, YouTube, blog about it/ or send a press release. Hold a press conference before your event, facebook and freeway blog your action.(See press release at Draft Press Release at   To make this action spread nationwide, please call a friend in another state and ask if they will do an action on this week in solidarity.

Need help call/email MFSO at 562-597-3980 or 562-833-8035


** Zero petition

A Note from our New MFSO Office in Long Beach, CA

After months of planning, organizing and working with the previous MFSO staff, we are proud to announce that the national organization of Military Families Speak Out is up and running once again! We bring to this rebuild project a renewed energy and commitment to our message- “Support the Troops, Bring our Them Home Now and Take Care of Them When They Get Here”. We are here because we have loved ones in the military and refuse to be silent and do nothing while our families continue to be deployed to Afghanistan.

Where we are…..

The new MFSO office is located right behind the home of Pat Alvlso and Jeff Merrick in Long Beach, CA. and is set up with donated office equipment given to us by local members of MFSO  and Veterans for Peace. Our address is 775 Havana Ave., Long Beach, CA 90804. You can reach the office at or email us at  Pat, Jeff and Tina Lopez, (MFSO steering committee member Long Beach, CA) will be checking and responding to all emails as needed. You may also call us at 562-597-3980.  

Who we are and what we’ve done so far…….

We have a total of 15 members from across the country that have agreed to be responsible to complete the many tasks that are required in order to keep MFSO running. This group has volunteered to meet twice a month by phone for now and then later on a monthly basis to make important decisions that will keep us operational and create a powerful voice until all combat troops come home from Afghanistan- at least until December 2014. Soon the names of these volunteers and their area of responsibility will be posted on our website.

The major reconstruction work of setting up and updating our website has begun and will continue to be handled by Dede Miller, (Goldstar Families Speak Out member, Bellflower,CA). We are grateful for the work Dede has put into making our website operational and once again relevant. Please visit our new website at  Dede will continue to add more information, as needed, along with the latest information on campaigns, reports, calls to action and stories from you. Your submissions and comments will be appreciated.

We also invite you and your friends to join our Facebook page at . Rossana Cambron, (former MFSO board member, Los Angeles, CA), is the moderator for the site and is looking for your valuable input. Please take a moment to “like, comment and share” so we can get the word out to as many people as possible about our actions and grow. At this point, MFSO has over 6,000 followers on Facebook. Thank you, Rossana, for getting our Facebook page organized and operational.

As a result of Paula Rogovin’s leadership, (former board member, New Jersey), we have determined that our first campaign should be about stopping the new security agreement that is being discussed in Washington between the US and Afghanistan. If this new agreement is signed by both parties it could allow our troops to stay in this unjust war for another ten years!  We invite you to put all the energy you can to support this campaign by getting other like minded organizations, friends, and your local representatives in congress to participate. Below you will find more information about the campaign and suggestions on what you can do to stop the treaty from happening.

We look forward to hearing from all of you and ask you to renew your commitment help bring our troops home now. We know that at least 75% of the American people agree with our position   that our troops need to come home. We believe that no possible good can come from us staying in Afghanistan another day. We will need you to help us harness this energy, mobilize and not let the public forget that our troops are still out being deployed and need to come home now.

We encourage you to read the letter below and take action now.


Dear Military Family Members,

Can you believe it? The U.S. government is literally begging the Afghanistan government to allow us to keep our combat troops in Afghanistan until 2024! It will be our daughters, sons, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters and other family members in the military (and Afghan civilians) who will pay the price. Once again the American people will be used to pay the billions of dollars to pay these bills.

This is an emergency and Military Families Speak Out and veterans must mobilize now and demand that all combat troops be out of Afghanistan in 2014! Please, please look below to see how you can help stop this war.

What MFSO members and friends can do

1.      Contact the following people and insist that we bring all combat troops home in 2014.
President Barack Obama.   202-246-1111
Secretary of State John Kerry. 202-647-4000 or go to his website: Then click on “e-mail a question” or “comment” and demand a full withdrawal of our troops .
Your members of the House and Senate in Congress. 202-224-3121

2.      Set up a meeting at the local office of your members of Congress. If you are the only MFSO member or you have only a small group in your area, work with veterans and other peace activists to join you.

3.      Below you will find a letter that you can mail, post on social media or email. This letter is taken in part from a letter we have also included from congress members Barbara Lee, Walter Jones and James McGovern and changed so that it fits within our mission statement. Attached we have  included the original letter from the three congress members, which allows for a later date for withdrawal and wiggle room for the president to get congressional approval, but we wanted you to see  that there is support from some members of congress to end this war. We encourage you to write your own letter, of course, and send it out. BE sure to mention if you have or had a loved one in the military.

4.      Newspapers and other media- consider sending letters to newspaper editorial sections or as an ad.

5.      Vigil. If there is still a local peace vigil in your community, ask if you can hand out flyers about this effort. Make signs and flyers. Do let MSFO know about vigils and send any flyers or copies of signs so we can help spread the word.

6.      If you have other suggestions for actions please contact us at

Letter from MFSO

Dear Mr. President:
The war in Afghanistan is in its 13th year, and the need to bring our troops home could not be any clearer. President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan suggested in a recent interview that he would be willing to see the permanent exit of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. President Karzai has also repeatedly stated that he sees no potential security benefit from an enduring U.S. security mission.
Lacking a supportive and viable political partner in Afghanistan, there simply is no military solution American troops can achieve, and extending U.S. troop presence will not serve vital U.S. security goals. Why lose additional lives for an openly hostile and corrupt Afghan government?
The U.S. simply no longer has compelling security interests in Afghanistan that justifies combat troops beyond December 2014. Furthermore, as coalition forces withdraw from Afghanistan, U.S.-funded reconstruction projects worth billions of dollars will soon be inaccessible for safe inspection, raising serious questions about our responsibility to conduct vigorous oversight of taxpayer supported efforts.
There is a growing bipartisan sentiment across the country for an expedited end of military activities in Afghanistan. After over twelve years of war, after the loss of lies of thousands of our loved ones, and hundreds of billions of dollars spent, it is time to bring an end to the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan and bring all of our troops home now.


Your Name

Military Families Speak Out
Pat Alviso & Jeff Merrick
Military Families Speak Out
Orange County & South Bay Chapter
Support Our Troops
Bring Them Home Now!
Take Care of Them After They Get Home

Continuing the Work: Military Families Working Group

As you may have heard, in a few months MFSO, the non-profit organization, will officially close down. The bank account will be closed, the Board of Directors will disband, and the not-for-profit status will be ended – freeing MFSO of complicated tax, insurance, and other financial and other problems which have bogged down the Board over the last few years.

Fortunately, there is a group of MFSO members who have the energy and who are working to develop a plan so that we can continue as an all-volunteer organization, not as a non-profit. This newly restructured organization will allow military families to effectively move forward  with the mission statement MFSO has had since the build-up of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, “Support the troops, bring them home now, and take care of them when they get home.”

Under this plan, military families could continue to lobby members of congress locally and nationally, continue sharing our stories with the media, holding vigils, participating in protests against the war in Afghanistan, working to support families who are in crisis while their loved ones continue or consider joining the military, and working with other peace and justice groups locally and nationally.

At this point, we have a number of MFSO members who have unified with this goal in mind and plan to participate in a MilitaryFamilies working group. Because we are spread out across the country, our planning and coordination for now will be by conference phone calls and emails. If you would like to participate in this Military Families working group, please let us know right away. We would like to hear your suggestions regarding what work is the most essential work that needs to be done,  how you think we can do this work, how we can encourage the revitalization of local and national work, how we can bring in new members, and other things you think can help the Military Families working group move forward.

If you want to be part of this MilitaryFamilies working group, please send your name, e-mail, city and state, and phone number to so that we can be in touch with you.

Thanks so much.

Pat Alviso, Jeff Merrick, Rossana Cambron, California
Military Families Speak Out, Orange County & South Bay Chapter