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MFSO Joins 64 Organizations Calling For End to US Military Involvement in Yemen

Today, the Yemen Peace Project (YPP), along with 64 other organizations, sent a letter to the United States House of Representatives to express their support for House Concurrent Resolution 81. The Resolution directs the President of the United States to end US military involvement in Yemen’s civil war, pursuant to the War Powers Resolution. Currently, the United States provides logistical, technical, and advisory military support to the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen without authorization from Congress. The coalition has perpetrated war crimestargeted civilians repeatedly using US-sold weapons, and created the conditions necessary for Yemen to become the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. Ending the United States military role in the conflict is essential to ending the notion that the coalition can win this war in the battlefield and push for peace.

Yemen’s man-made humanitarian crisis has created severe hardships for the civilian population. Over 17 million Yemenis do not have enough food with more than 7 million facing famine, and estimates show that there will be over 1 millioncholera cases by the end of year – the largest cholera outbreak ever documented in modern history. Salaries of civil servants, teachers, and critical medical personnel have not been paid in over a year and the country faces a critical shortage of functioning medical facilities, with less than 45 percent of Yemen’s health care system still functional. Both the Saudi-led coalition and Houthi forces have contributed to the ongoing humanitarian crisis, although coalition airstrikes ate the leading cause of civilian casualties according to the UN. While efforts to hold the parties to the conflict accountable have been difficult, the United States cannot credibly push for peace while continuing to arm one side of the conflict. Congress can end this contradictory policy and move to alleviate civilian suffering in Yemen by passing House Concurrent Resolution 81.

Under the United States Constitution, Congress has the exclusive authority to declare war. US involvement in Yemen’s civil war has never been publicly debated or voted on by Congress. The Obama and Trump administrations has also consistently refused to brief Congress on the level and degree of support for the Saudi-led coalition, thus hindering efforts to create accountability for the US government’s actions. Moreover, continued support for the Saudi-led coalition could make the United States complicit in the coalition’s war crimes. Congress must exercise its constitutional authority and end US military support for the Saudi-led coalition.

The YPP and the other signatories to the letter urge members of the House of Representatives to vote in favor of House Concurrent Resolution 81 and end US involvement in Yemen’s civil war.
Read on to view a PDF of the letter here.

In Remembrance of Horace Coleman

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear Veterans for Peace and Vietnam Veterans Against the War brother, Horace Coleman.

Horace was a longtime key member of Veterans for Peace Chapter 110 in Southern California, serving as Chapter Treasurer until a severe stroke drastically limited his participation three years ago. Horace was also actively involved for years in Military Families Speak Out, and participated in many peace events as a veteran and as the father of a veteran.

A Captain in the Air Force during the Vietnam War, Horace deployed to Vietnam. There he developed his keen sense of war’s folly and murderous injustice. A grass roots intellectual and activist ever since his return in the 60’s, Horace found his voice as the host and producer of the first black student-run radio show, at Ohio University. He and his colleagues were the first to educate college students about the My Lai massacre also. Horace Coleman was one of our reliable “regulars” as an Arlington West Memorial Chapter 110 supporter and participant, and he often spoke to youth at schools and community events about the true cost of war.

As a talented writer, Horace was also a regular contributor of articles for Vietnam Veterans Against the War. His 1995 book of poetry, In the Grass, earned praise from such figures as Howard University’s E. Ethelbert Miller, who hailed the work as “a book of darkness and revelation.” It is available from Amazon. Among his other accomplishments, Horace’s photography graced the pages of numerous publications, including the national VFP Newsletter.

Horace was a pillar of the southern California peace community, an articulate and outspoken peace activist. We miss him dearly.  Messages of condolences can be sent to his son, Drake Coleman at drakecoleman at

In lieu of flowers the family has requested that donations be mailed to Veterans For Peace Chapter 110 at 775 Havana Ave., Long Beach, CA. 90804-4450.

Demonstration against projected troop level increase in Afghanistan


In a demonstration against another troop level  increase in Afghanistan

4:00 p.m. the day after the Trump Administration makes the announcement

PCH and Main St. in Huntington Beach by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s office

Please join veterans, military families and other peace groups that are opposed to the increase of troop levels in Afghanistan. Each new sitting president has increased troop levels and it’s time to “END THESE ESCALATIONS”

Peace Contingent at Teaneck, NJ’s Fourth of July Parade

Join Veterans, Military Families, and other area residents in the

Peace Contingent

Teaneck, NJ’s

4th of July Parade

Meet at 9 am

Queen Anne Road and Van Buren, just South of Cedar Lane

Rides are available during the parade.


We will have signs and banners.

Feel free to make your own with these themes:

Bring the troops and contractors home from Afghanistan NOW!

Take care of our troops and veterans when they get home!

Don’t send the NJ National Guard to Afghanistan. Keep them here in NJ for NJ!

Bring the War Dollars Home for Our Communities. Money for health care (education, jobs, housing) – not for war!

The Peace Contingent is sponsored by the Teaneck Peace Vigil, Military Families Speak Out, Bergen County, and Veterans For Peace, Chapter 21 NJ


For final details check the local newspaper.