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MFSO Invitation to VFP Convention

The Steering Committee invites you to join us at the upcoming Veterans for Peace Convention in Chicago this August 10-13.  In addition to applying for a workshop, and tabling at the convention, we are planning a mixer for military families on Saturday at the convention. We hope you will join us for lunch so that you can meet and greet the new leadership in MFSO, give input into our organizations future and focus and learn more about MFSO and how MFSO can support you.

This year’s VFP theme is “Education not Militarization”. We are also seeking members who are willing to tell their story about how their loved one was recruited and share their thoughts on what information every parent or family member should know so their loved ones make informed choices about enlisting in the military. Please give us a call if you are interested.

We look forward to visiting with all of you who are able to make the convention this summer.

Veterans for Peace Convention Planners
Marcia Westbrook, Mother of 3 Sons and Gold Star Mother of Tyler Westbrook
Pat Alviso, Mother of active duty Marine
Tina Lopez, Army Aunt
Mary Hladky, Mother of Army veteran
Ed Garza, Veteran and Navy Uncle

MFSO member on CNN tonight!

MFSO National Leader and Steering Committee member Paula Rogovin will be part of the interviewing team during the CNN Town Hall with Ohio governor featuring former Republican presidential candidate John Kasich on Monday, April 24 at 10pm EST.

The town hall, which will be moderated by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, will focus on President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, Kasich’s reflections on the 2016 campaign and his new book, “Two Paths, America Divided or United.”  Paula’s questions will focus on the current wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Don’t miss this live event at 10 p.m. ETon CNN, CNN en Español, CNN International, CNNgo, Westwood One Radio Network and on CNN Channel 116 on Sirius XM.

Introducing the new MFSO Media Team!

Introducing  the new MFSO Media Team!

Melissa Castaneda
Press Releases

Melissa Castaneda is a long-time MFSO member, community activist, campaign veteran, and outreach professional. While still in high school, she was a chosen as a Youth Columnist for the Long Beach Press-Telegram and wrote opinion columns about current events. As a Regional Partnership Specialist with the Census, she worked closely with and was trained by the Media Team. Melissa’s father and uncle served in the Vietnam War and her brother served in the Iraq War.

Tim Kahlor
Media Contact

Tim Kahlor, a member of MFSO since 2006, is the father of Sgt Ryan Kahlor, who was wounded after serving two deployments in Iraq.  Tim is nationally recognized for his work on calling members of the US Senate Armed Services Committee and numerous members of Congress. His family’s story has been featured on TV, radio, and in the national and international media.  Tim’s goal has been putting a face on the horrors of war and bringing the battlefield home by talking about his son’s struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).   A tireless advocate for veteran’s care, he contributed to the first “Caregivers Guide for Military Families dealing with Traumatic Brain Injuries”.

ATTENTION:  The MFSO Media Team needs your feedback on how the current events in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Iraq are impacting your family members that have loved ones currently serving in the military or are veterans of post-911 wars.  Please send us statements, so we can include them in future press releases.   

Send an e-mail Tim Kahlor at with:

1.  Your Name, location, and relationship to the military

2.   Statement on a current event and how it has or will impact your family’s life and your loved one who is currently or has served in the military.   (Please do not include your military members name, unless they agree to it)

3.  You may also include statements on other military issues that are important to you.

* Remember that facts are what wins the argument, but emotion is what gets people to listen to the facts, so speak from the heart.

Media Contacts Needed! If you know someone in the media or have been interviewed by the media, please send us the story and their contact information.

If you are ever interviewed by any form of media, please remember to always tell them you are a member of Military Families Speak Out  (MFSO).   

Take Action Against Escalating War in Syria

Military Families Speak Out grieves for the Syrian families who lost loved ones or were injured in the recent Syrian chemical attack.  We know this pain.  We know war, violence and destruction are not the answer to the world’s problems.  We have grave concerns over our military’s deepening involvement in Syria as well as Iraq, and Yemen.  We continually rely on military intervention when we have been told multiple times, that there is no military solution to the problems in the Middle East, and the region.  We need determined diplomacy to reach a political solution in Syria and the region.  We must increase humanitarian aid.

MFSO is a member group of United for Peace & Justice and we support their message, below:

“Once again, the United States is sliding towards a wider war in the Middle East. Only two days after the first allegations of the use of chemical weapons against a village in Syria, the United States has attacked an air base in Syria with more than fifty sea launched cruise missiles. With both Russian and U.S. forces on the ground and in the air in Syria, the risk of a wider war is real.

Both the United Nations Charter and the Chemical Weapons Convention provide means for international investigation and sanction of the use of prohibited weapons.  Unilateral use of military force in these circumstances by the United States, which has not been attacked and is not in imminent danger of attack, is unlawful.”

Call the White House  202-456-1111 and your Senators and Congressional Representatives 202-224-3121 and tell them that military action only increases the dangers and intensifies the humanitarian catastrophe in the region.

Please Call Today – it takes just a few minutes.  Remember to identify yourself as someone who has a loved one in the military.

These calls are logged and counted by the White House and by members of Congress – MFSO voices matter and, if we are persistent, can affect votes.

Then let’s hit the streets and Say NO To U.S. Military Intervention in Syria!! YES to diplomacy!

Go to and to find a demonstration in your community or work with others to organize a demonstration and post. Send details to so we can post it on our website and Facebook page.